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Hot Wings Challenge

Date: May 30, 2024

Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

🔥 10 wings 🔥 5 flavours 🔥 Increasing heat/difficulty 🔥 5 minutes to finish 🔥
🔥 A triumphant wave of ego-boosting self-satisfaction
🔥 Exclusive Hot Wings Challenge Stubbie Holder
🔥 Free schmiddie of beer*
🔥 Polaroid photo on our “Wall of Flame”
🔥 Invitation to compete in the Hot Wing Championship later this year
🔥 $15 entry
🔥 Heats run every half hour
🔥 Participants must sign a waiver before competing
🔥 Participants must eat all 10 wings in under 5 minutes
🔥 No drinks allowed
🔥 No dipping sauce allowed
🔥 Vomiting or regurgitation = disqualification
🔥 5 minute afterburn – no drinks or food for 5 minutes after completing wings
🔥 Vegan “wings” (cauliflower) also available

🔥 OR you can simply order a Hot Wings Challenge plate to your table and avoid a crowd of onlookers witness your downfall – but you won’t be eligible for any prizes this way! 🔥

🍻 Want to come along, enjoy the antics, watch some other poor sod suffer and enjoy some hot wings that won’t induce an epic bathroom battle the next day? We’ll also be serving up some medium/somewhat spicy “Hot Ones” wing platters on the night for you to enjoy. 🍻

*Free schmiddy of beer applies to any tap beverage under 7% ABV.