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Bang For Your Buck Sampler – 6 Pack

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Have you heard of Little Bang? Do your friends keep telling you about how awesome our beers are, but you’ve never tried any and you’re a little scared to commit to a whole 4 pack of something crazy, just in case it isn’t really your vibe?

Well then… you should totally try our sampler pack!

Containing one can of each of our most popular beers, this pack gives you the opportunity to try before you really buy! It also makes a perfect gift pack for the deserving person in your life.

1 x Little Banger Super Session Ale 3%

1 x Little Bang Lager 4.2%

1 x Sun Bear Hazy 4.2%

1 x Zingi Ginger Beer 3.5%

1 x Moon Bear Dark Ale 4.5%

1 x Little Bang Stout 5.6%

Pick up from our Stepney Taproom, or delivered direct to your door for a trivial $10.